Group dog walking sessions

Walking within a group of up to 6 dogs, I will collect your dog from home and ensure that they enjoy an hour of exercise and socialisation.  The route is varied each time to keep it interesting for the group.  Any dogs who are able to be walked off lead have GPS Trackers attached to their collars, ensuring their safety at all times.

Dog walking service in Chilton
Dog walkers in Chilton, Oxfordshire

Individual dog walking sessions

This is a one-to-one walk for those dogs who may not suit a group environment.  They may be more senior, nervous or reactive and therefore require a different pace, greater reassurance and management than would be suited to a group session.

Puppy visits

This is a home visit service for young dogs who may require company and support throughout the day.  This can be particularly useful in the early days when the family is returning to routine (work, school etc) or before the pup has completed the vaccinations.  The service includes feeding, toileting, playing for mental stimulation, and clearing up any toileting accidents that may have occurred before our arrival.

Puppy visits in Chilton
Dog first aid training Oxfordshire

Dog First Aid training

Would you know how to help your dog in an emergency? As responsible dog owners we have a duty of care to ensure the safety of our pets.  The 4-hour accredited course will give you a qualification in Dog First Aid and greater confidence in keeping your dog safe and well – and should the worst happen, give your pet a fighting chance before professional veterinary support can be reached. You can learn more and book a place on the course, click here.

Pet feeding service

This home visit service is extended to pets, so whether you have a rabbit, koi carp or a gecko,  and you need some support with care and feeding whilst you are away from home, get in touch to discuss your needs.

Pet feeding service in Oxfordshire

Dog toilet breaks

This is a home visit service for dogs to give them a toilet break if they are home alone for an extended period of time. This is a 30 minute service to let your dog out, plus a clear up of any toileting accidents that may have occurred before our arrival. 

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